Ananya Panday’s Black Lace Corset Maxi Cost will have your Jaws Dropped

Few people can really perfect the allure of black, despite the fact that everyone finds it attractive. The bollywood sensation ananya Panday has become the newest muse for the colour black, which never fails to impress. The actress sticks out as one of the select few who can pull off this timeless colour combination with ease.
The actress, who has previously dazzled in vivid pink and radiated in hot orange, has now elevated her game by captivating us with her most recent black ensemble, demonstrating her continued influence in the design industry. We'll analyse her most recent appearance, but be careful—it might blow up your displays!

Ananya raises the bar with every appearance, establishing new benchmarks for refinement and elegance. Her latest all-black look is not an exception. She stole the show in her gorgeous black dress by Rasario.
Her body is perfectly hugged by the satin and lace construction of her dress. The dress is made to fit flawlessly and accentuate the contours of the Kho Gaye Hum Kahan actress. It features sheer corset inserts that expose just the proper amount of flesh. The actress's collarbones and neckline are emphasised by the dress's strapless style.

Ananya completed her look with the ideal touches. She accessorised her all-black ensemble with Swarovski chandelier earrings, which gave the whole look a dash of glitz and shine.When it came to makeup, the actress went with the nude palette, which gave her appearance a chic touch. Her use of winged eyeliner brought drama to her eyes, while her choice of nude lipstick gave her lips a delicate touch. Her data-face was exquisitely framed by her well-groomed eyebrows. Her dress comes with a price tag of Rs.1,92,187.

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