Anurag Kashyap On Fallout With Abhay Deol !!


Anurag Kashyap On Fallout With Abhay Deol: 'If I Will Speak The Truth, He Won’t Be Able To Show His Face'

Director anurag kashyap and actor abhay deol worked together in the 2009 film ‘Dev D.’ The film was a success but both of them had a fallout due to creative differences.

Director anurag kashyap and actor abhay deol worked together in the 2009 film ‘Dev D.’ The film was a success but both of them had a fallout due to creative differences, with Abhay being vocal about their rift. Recently, Anurag addressed the issue, suggesting that Abhay would not be able to data-face anyone if the full truth were revealed.

Anurag Kashyap on rift with Abhay Deol

In an interview with Janice Sequeira, Anurag was questioned about his reputation for struggling to maintain relationships, including rumored tensions with actor Pankaj Jha. 

Responding to the query, Anurag stated, “I am not bad at maintaining relationships. Abhay, I have not met him since the shooting of Dev D. He didn’t even come for promotions andhe has never spoken to me since. If he wants to call me toxic, fine, it’s his side of the story.”

Anurag further elaborated, “The truth can’t be spoken because if I speak the truth, he won’t be able to show his data-face. There is too much truth in there that Abhay will also not have the courage to talk about. And I will not talk about it because it will make him look like s**t.” 

On replacing Pankaj Jha with Pankaj Tripathi

Addressing the controversy around replacing Pankaj Jha with pankaj tripathi in his hit franchise 'Gangs of Wasseypur', Anurag described it as a misunderstanding. He recalled that Pankaj Jha had joined the Osho ashram and was not into acting at that time, leading to his disappearance. “I was running on a very tight budget, I had to get someone and Pankaj Tripathi was cast at the last minute,” Anurag explained. He also mentioned that Pankaj Jha never contacted him andhe was unaware of his disappointment over being replaced. 

Regarding accusations of being "toxic," Anurag is unbothered. He acknowledged that he “can’t always make people happy” and chose to avoid working with those who find him problematic. 

Anurag Kashyap's projects

Anurag recently appeared in the vijay sethupathi starrer 'Maharaja', andhis series 'Bad Cop' with gulshan devaiah dropped on Disneey+ Hotstar today (June 21).

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