AP - Demolition of YSRCP office under construction in Guntur District

The YSRCP has called this "the beginning of vendetta politics" and has launched an operation to demolish its party office, which is now under construction, in Tadepalli, guntur district, according to municipal officials. Early on saturday morning, reports that arrived here stated that the destruction had started.
According to YSRCP sources, the destruction was carried out in defiance of a high court ruling. A party official stated in a statement, "It is an unprecedented measure, the first case of a party office being razed in the state's history.

M Seshagiri Rao, the head of the YSRCP guntur district, filed a lawsuit against the CRDA's preliminary measures in the andhra pradesh high court on Friday. "The YSRCP's attorney informed the CRDA Commissioner that the court had mandated that all demolition operations cease. Nevertheless, the destruction was carried out by the CRDA, which can be considered contempt of court, according to the statement.
Before being demolished, the building was ready for a slab. CRDA demolishes YSRCP office under construction in Tadepalli, YSRCP says it got a high court order against demolition. YSRCP lashes this out and called it as 'Pure Vendetta Politics'. 

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