YouTube New Feature: Hype !!


YouTube To Soon Roll Out 'Hype' Feature To Help Small Creators Reach Wider Audience: Report

YouTube New Features: The hype program is exclusively available to YouTube Partner Programme creators who have less than 500,000 subscribers

YouTube is aiming to offer enhanced community support for small video creators by experimenting with new approaches. The video streaming giant has recently released a new feature called 'Hype' to viewers in select regions. It has been designed for content creators who qualify for certain criteria. According to reports, Hype is one of the features that was in development by YouTube, and many more features including a sleep timer are yet to come.

YouTube New Feature: Hype

According to a community specialist who shared the information about this new feature, viewers in Brazil, Turkey, and taiwan can now Hype a video in addition to liking it, which will help in ranking the video up among other videos that were posted in the past seven days. According to YouTube, the more hyped a video is, the higher it will be ranked.

At the moment, viewers can like and share videos they enjoy. This benefits the content creators by letting YouTube's algorithm that their content is being liked by people.Users can also use features like Super Chat and Super Stickers to make some additional money than what they would've made just through the advertisements. As per YouTube, the Explore tab will display the Hype-based ranks. As per claims, this will help small creators reach a larger audience and gain more community support.

YouTube Hype Feature: Too Good To Be True? What's The Catch?

According to the video-streaming platform, the Hype program is exclusively available to YouTube Partner Programme creators who have less than 500,000 subscribers. Additionally, all their videos must comply with the YouTube Community Guidelines.

The program is currently in its testing phase, and it remains uncertain whether it will be extended to include more content creators in the future.

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