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Google Likely To Release Chatbot Akin To Character.AI & Meta: Report

This project is being led by a team of ten people comprising Ryan Germick, an executive who works on the google Doodles team.

Google is expected to be working on an artificial intelligence-powered chatbot that is based on popular celebrities and popular YouTube influencers. It appears that google is taking a page out of the book of Meta and startups like Character.ai. As per a report by the Information, the upcoming chatbot of google will be powered by Gemini. For this to be made possible, google is trying to bring numerous celebrities and influencers on board. If the plan is set in motionthen it will allow users to create their chatbots akin to Character.ai.

No official release about this has been made by the tech giant so far which means that these are still rumours and speculations.This is also one of the reasons why we don't know much about which celebrities and influencers are google planning to collaborate with to make this happen. 

As per the details shared by the Information, this project is being led by a team of ten people comprising Ryan Germick, an executive who works on the google Doodles team. As per the rumors that are doing rounds in the market, this feature will be initially available as part of google Labs.

What To Expect From This Feature

This upcoming feature of Google is expected to be similar to what Character.ai and Meta are offering. So let us understand what it is that they are offering to get an idea of this feature. Character.ai is a startup that allows users to create their AI-powered chatbots which can mimic popular celebrities. Earlier last year, according to reports, google was in talks with Character.ai to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in the company.

Coming to Meta, it launched a similar service last year which would allow users to talk to celebrities and influencers like Snoop Dogg, MrBeast, etc. Notably, these chatbots only assume the personalities of fictitious characters instead of their actual life.

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