Kalki 2898 AD - This Trailer Shot Grabs All the Attention

The second trailer for kalki 2898 AD, which has a major premiere scheduled for next week, has won over most spectators with its spectacular action and huge vistas. But the image that garnered the most discussion on social media was the one with Malvika Nair's female role.
Many were astonished to find her pregnant in the caravan since they were expected to see Mrunal Thakur. It's interesting to note that a lot of people mistake Malvika with Mrunal. Still, the image of the pregnant woman has drawn a lot of interest and controversy. Malvika Nair has consistently been cast by nag ashwin in his films. She appeared in his first two films, yevade subramanyam and Mahanati, and this is her third picture. He is now acting out the same behavior in Kalki.

On its first day, Prabhas's recent movie, Salaar, took in about 160 crores worldwide, of which he received 90 crores. It did well across the board: it was excellent in the telugu states, outstanding in the kannada states, remarkable in the US, and passable in the hindi markets. With a global gross of almost 550 crores by the conclusion of its existence.

Adipurush, which opened with a 60-crore share on its first day and a global total of 125 crores, had a great start before Salaar as well. On its first day, it performed very well in hindi markets. Bad word of mouth caused Adipurush's lifetime business to end at a gross of 360 crores.

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