Kalki 2898 AD In Trouble? Makers Accused of 'Plagiarism' by Hollywood Concept Artist

It appears that kalki 2898 AD is facing legal issues. Oliver Beck and Sung Choi, two hollywood concept artists, have accused Prabhas's film's creators of plagiarism. Recently, the two made grave accusations against the creators of kalki 2898 AD on their X (previously known as Twitter) accounts.
Speaking on the same subject, Oliver asserted in a recent interview with indian Express that he was first invited to work on kalki 2898 AD by the film's producers. However, for various reasons, they were unable to collaborate. He said that he was taken aback by the trailer's similarities to his earlier work when it was unveiled on june 10.

“It might be difficult to see the plagiarism when you are not an artist. You might not see it immediately but all my artist friends that I have talked to and the artist community are very clear that this was referenced from my work and you can see clearly that the main takeaways are the colour palettes, it is the same, and also the shapes. It is not an exact copy but the shapes are similar. It is too much of a coincidence because they also contacted me to work on this film. So, they know my portfolio and they have seen my work so it is too much of a coincidence,” Oliver said.

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