Watch Mirzapur Season 3 For Free On Prime Video !!?


Watch Mirzapur Season 3 For Free On Prime Video: Here's How (BONUS: Tips To Get Best Streaming Quality)

Mirzapur season 3 release date is set for early July. In case you were wondering how you could watch the show for free on Prime Video, here's what you can do.

Mirzapur season 3 is set to start streaming on July 5 on Prime Video. Will Guddu Bhaiya (Ali Fazal) finally be able to exact revenge on Kaleen Bhaiya (Pankaj Tripathi) and Munna (Divyenndu) this time around? Only time will tell. However, for fans of the show, Mirzapur season 3 is sure to pack enough gunshots and expletives to scratch every possible itch. Let us add a cherry on top. Did you know that if you’re a new user, you can access Prime Video for free for a limited period? read on to find out how:

How To Access

Amazon Prime Video has an enticing offer for new subscribers: a free trial lasting one month. This trial provides access to a wide range of content on the streaming platform, but there are a few important stipulations to keep in mind.

To qualify for this trial, users must have an active and valid credit card. Payment methods such as corporate Line of Credit, checking accounts, or pre-paid credit cards do not qualify. Additionally, the email ID used for registration must be new to Prime Video. Any email previously linked to a Prime Video subscription, even if currently inactive, will not be eligible for the trial.

Once the free trial period concludes, users can opt for various subscription plans:

These plans come with additional perks, including access to Prime Music, Prime Shopping, and more.

Subscribers are also encouraged to check for potential offers from their telecom operators, such as jio and Airtel, which might include free access to Prime Video. These offers can typically be found in the telco's dedicated app under sections like Offers or Benefits.

How To Get The Best Streaming Quality On amazon Prime Video

To ensure the best streaming experience, Prime Video allows users to adjust video quality based on their internet speed and data limits. Here's how to manage these settings:

Navigate to Settings and then Preferences.

Open the Data Monitoring section and turn it on.

Select the Set Video Quality section.

Choose from three options: Good, Better, and Best.

Data usage varies with the chosen resolution:

480p (SD): 0.7 GB per hour

720p (HD): 1 to 2.5 GB per hour

1080p (HD): 1.5 to 3 GB per hour

4K (UHD): 8 GB per hour

For those facing issues with live streams or events, Prime Video recommends using a supported device and ensuring sufficient download speeds. A minimum speed of 1Mbps is required for SD content, while HD content requires at least 5Mbps.

By following these guidelines, users can maximize their viewing experience on Prime Video, whether they are taking advantage of the free trial or continuing with a paid subscription plan.

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