A Day of Drama in Andhra Pradesh Assembly

Sindujaa D N

As the sun rose over the assembly, there was a scene right out of a political sitcom. Chandrababu Naidu, with a magnanimous wave, granted Jagan's car a royal entry through the assembly gates. jagan, who would otherwise have had to endure the walk of shame from the outer premises, perhaps reminisced about his glory days as cm when such trivial matters were beneath him.

But what followed was classic political drama. Despite Naidu’s unexpected chivalry, the ycp turned the tables faster than you can say "opposition leader." They lambasted Naidu for allegedly defaming jagan by not adhering to the unwritten courtesy of letting the leader of the opposition take the oath right after the CM.

Yet, here’s the kicker: jagan isn’t the opposition leader. His party’s modest victory of 11 seats fell short of the required 18 to claim that title. Hence, he legally couldn’t have taken the oath after Naidu. So, while Naidu was playing the knight in shining armor, sparing jagan from an embarrassing stroll, the ycp clutched at straws, making a mountain out of a molehill – or in this case, out of a car entry and an oath sequence.

Politics, they say, is the art of making your opponent look worse, even when they’ve done you a good turn. And in this episode, it seems the ycp took that art form to heart!

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