Google CEO Sundar Pichai's story of 1st Email!!!

Google CEO Sundar Pichai's story of 1st Email!!!

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of google, recently posted a blog in which he shared a story from when he was 25 years old. You won't be able to stop praising this story because it is so moving. In fact, google will celebrate its 25th anniversary in september 2023. On this occasion, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google's parent company Alphabet, has written a blog reliving some of his old memories, mentioning the conversation he had with his father. If you also want to know about it, then here we are mentioning the important parts of this story. Let us know about it....

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai said how technology has changed the way we communicate in the last 25 years. He said that many years ago when he was studying in America, his father lived in India, then the cheapest way to communicate with each other was through email, through which, he sent an email to his father and he replied back to him. Got it after two days, in his father wrote that Dear Pichai got the email. Everything is fine.

Due to the delay in getting the email, Pichai even called his father. His father told him that someone in his office would have to receive the email on his computer. Then its printout has to be taken and then it has to be delivered to them. My father dictated a message to send me. He got it typed to send the fee to me.

Technology has advanced a lot

Pichai said that in today's time, technology has progressed a lot. He said that once I was with my son. He saw something and took a photo of it on his mobile. Then share it with your friends. Then they sent messages to each other. I was finding all this faster than taking out the phone from my pocket. The way my son interacts today, compared to the way I interacted with my father so many years ago, shows how much can change between generations.

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