'This is a very terrible thing...', the comedian had revealed...

'This is a very terrible thing...', the comedian had revealed...

Comedian and actor kapil sharma does not need any identity today. kapil sharma has made a special place in the hearts of the audience with his comedy. Everyone forgets their sorrows and problems after listening to Kapil's comedy. But do you know that the mental health of Kapil, who tickles people, has been adversely affected?

When Kapil Sharma's mental health was adversely affected

In a conversation with actress Kareena Kapoor, kapil sharma had openly talked about his struggle and mental health. When Kareena asked, 'When you were about to give up, then what was it that made you think that I would not be able to do this', Kapil replied, 'Actually I never thought of backing down. Because there was no option. Since I was 22 years old, my dream was to do something on stage that would make people applaud. Further talking about the rejections, Kareena asked, 'When you got so many rejections, did you not realize what was happening', Kapil said - 'Your heart also breaks when this happens, like with the laughter challenge. I started from the same place where I was rejected. Then I auditioned again. After this, the first episode of the same show, the first promo of mine was played and I also became the winner of that show.

'Parents did not think he was depressed'

Talking about mental health struggle, kapil sharma said- 'It is a big film thing that a man never feels pain. This does not happen. Everyone has emotions. Some people are not able to bear so much emotionally. Even in childhood, it used to happen that if one of your classmates, who is your good friend, changed school, we would get emotional seeing it. At that time the parents did not think that he was suffering from depression. At that time I did not feel like going out, but my family members used to force me to send me to school. So this is a very terrible thing.

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