Nani's son cheers for his father at Jersey's re-release!


Jersey Re-release: arjun was shocked to see his father and grandmother in the film! 'Jersey' continues to shine even after 5 years

In the viral video, Nani's son arjun is seen very happy while watching the film. The smile is not going away from his data-face. Actor Nani's film 'Jersey' has once again hit the theaters. On Saturday, this film completed 5 years of its release. Even after its re-release after 5 years, the enthusiasm of the audience has not diminished. Nani's fans are thoroughly enjoying the film. people are very happy with the decision of the makers of 'Jersey' to re-release it. nani also went to watch the film with her family, a video of which is going viral on social media.

Wife and son also enjoyed the film

Nani watched his film with his fans at a theater in Hyderabad. On the special occasion of the re-release of 'Jersey', Nani's wife Anjana Yelavarthy, and son arjun also enjoyed the film. A video of this period is going quite viral. This video has been shared on X.

Arjun stood up after seeing his father in the film

In the viral video, arjun looks very happy while watching the film. The smile is not going away from his data-face. people are surrounded from all sides. The video is of a time when an important scene is going on in the film, seeing when arjun stands up. There was no limit to Arjun's happiness after seeing his father on the screen. The feeling of Nani's son is also joined by everyone sitting in the theatre. At the same time, the grandmother was seen looking at her son lovingly.

The film won the National Film Award

'Jersey' is a sports drama film, in which apart from nani, actors like Ronit Kamra, Shraddha Srinath, and Harish Kalyan have worked. The film is produced by naga Vamsi. 'Jersey' won the National Film Award in the year 2021. It is known that the film got the title of Best Feature Film in telugu language as well as Best Editing.

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