"It doesn't matter if there is a child. I will marry the actress Meena" - the celebrity who caused a storm again!

"It doesn't matter if there is a child. I will marry the actress Meena" - the celebrity who caused a storm again!

Actress Meena's second marriage: meena is an actress who made her debut as a child star in tamil cinema and later acted with the leading actors of the kollywood world.

Actress Meena's second marriage: Born in chennai in 1976, actress meena started acting in films when she was six years old. In 1982, meena acted as a child star in the movie "Nenjagal" starring famous actor "Nadigar Thilakam" sivaji Ganesan.

As a child star, she acted in more than 15 films in several languages, and first made her debut as a heroine in the telugu film Ulaghalithan. After that, the tamil movie "En Rasavin Manasinile" gave meena a good reception as the heroine. Meena, who has been one of the best actresses in many languages in the indian film world for about 40 years, got married to vidyasagar in 2009.

But in the year 2022, Siddharkar's death due to poor health was a disaster for the entire film industry and many people who loved Meena. Even Superstar Rajinikanth, while speaking on a platform, said that it is very sad for meena to lose her husband at this age.

Apart from this, several reports surdata-faced that meena was preparing to remarry two years after her husband's death. It is noteworthy that many leading actors including actor dhanush were hit in this controversy. But even though meena has explained that she is not going to get married on many platforms and that her daughter is her world, controversies about her marriage have been arising from time to time.

In this case, Santhosh Varghese is one of the most popular people on social media due to his controversial review of the movie "Aarad" starring famous malayalam actor Mohanlal. He is a person who has already talked controversially about many actresses and is taking the netizens by storm.

The actress has said that she is ready to marry meena and that she knows she is having a baby girl, but she is undecided about it. Recently Santhosh said that he is going to marry actress Nithya Menon.

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