Sandeep Reddy Vanga expressed his desire to work with Shahrukh Khan


Sandeep reddy Vanga: Vanga expressed his desire to work with shahrukh khan, and will make a blockbuster film like Animal!

Sandeep reddy Vanga has been in the news since the release of the film Animal. This film starring ranbir kapoor, and bobby deol was a blockbuster of the year 2023. While one section of the audience liked the film, the other section criticized it as an anti-women film. At the same time, during a conversation, sandeep Reddy Vanga revealed that bollywood superstar shahrukh khan had seen the teaser of the film and he liked it. Apart from this, he also expressed his desire to work with Shahrukh Khan.

Sandeep wants to work with Shahrukh

Sandeep reddy Vanga expressed his desire to work with Shahrukh Khan. He said that although he has met Shahrukh twice, there has been no talk about collaborating. Animal said I want to work with shahrukh khan sir. I will have some ideas for every actor. I want to work with Shahrukh sir and ranveer singh in Bollywood.

Shahrukh liked the teaser of 'Animal'

He further said, 'When he came during the Ganpati festival, I showed him the teaser in the office. He was praised a lot after seeing the trailer of Animal. However, at an event after the release of Animal, shahrukh khan talked about his roles and social responsibilities. He said that the heroes he plays do good deeds and give people hope and happiness. But if he plays a villain or a bad guy, they want the character to suffer a lot. Although Shahrukh did not mention any film, many netizens speculated that it is about Animals.

About the movie 'Animal'

Sandeep Reddy's film 'Animal' is woven around the complex relationship between father and son. In this film, ranbir kapoor has played the role of Anil Kapoor's son. In the film, when there is a fatal attack on Ranbir's father, how he takes revenge from his father's enemies, this has been shown in great detail in 'Animal'. In this film, along with ranbir kapoor, many veteran stars including Anil Kapoor, bobby deol, and rashmika mandanna have played lead roles.

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