Pregnancy Tips for Working Women?

S Venkateshwari
Pregnancy Tips for Working Women?

Pregnancy is a beautiful feeling, it is also associated with many challenges. For working women, these challenges become even greater, as they have a dual responsibility. If you are also a working woman and take care of both home and office, then it becomes very important to take care of these things during pregnancy.

1. Balanced Eating: Taking care of food and drink becomes very important for any pregnant woman. Problems like acidity and gas are quite common in pregnancy. To avoid this, pregnant women must eat a balanced diet. Consumption of raw vegetables, fruits, salads, curd, jaggery, protein-rich foods like lentils, sprouts, soy, milk, and egg is beneficial.

2. Good Sleep: Many women get a lot of sleep during pregnancy. Many do not sleep at all. Lack of sleep can affect the health of both mother and baby. There is a need to be more cautious about this for working women. Experts say that sleep-related disorders like insomnia during pregnancy can lead to health problems. These also include dangers like high blood pressure, preeclampsia, diabetes, premature birth, fetal growth disorders. Seven to nine hours of sound sleep is essential for all pregnant women, especially those who are busy with office work for about 8-9 hours. 

3. Wear Comfy Clothes: Office and its environment can make you uncomfortable during pregnancy. As a result, opt for comfortable clothes to reduce the frequent discomforts of pregnancy. Wear such clothes, wearing which there is no problem in breathing and walking in the office. 

4. Take breaks and exercise during work: Women should avoid non-stop work during pregnancy, so take breaks. Take a walk and get fresh air. Deep breathing also helps a lot. By doing this the blood flow will increase and will help in avoiding problems like acid reflux. Continuous sitting can cause back pain, stiffness in the arms and legs.

5. Keep this in mind while working: Some simple ways to stay fit and active while working out are- 1. Every hour, walk for 5 minutes. 2. While sitting at your desk, slowly extend your arms, shift your chair, and spread your legs as needed. 3. Practice deep breathing for at least 2-4 minutes. 

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