Tesla cars everywhere..! Which Country..?

Sowmiya Sriram
Tesla cars everywhere..! Which Country..?
We are seeing that the number of electric cars is increasing all over the world, including in India. Especially in norway, 75 percent of the people are using electric cars. In this situation, most of the electric cars used by the people of norway are tesla cars. Now let's see the information about this. The government of norway has taken various measures to protect the environment. One of them is to reduce the number of diesel cars in norway and increase the number of electric cars.
A Norwegian study found that a diesel car produces 4,600 kg of carbon dioxide per year, causing a lot of pollution. Following this, the Norwegian government gave various incentives to promote electric cars.
The government announced that if you buy electric cars in norway, you don't need to pay tax on the car and you can park anywhere for free. It is also worth noting that there are concessions at the toll gate and concessions have been given in income tax for buying an electric car. Apart from that, if the traffic is heavy, electric cars were allowed to ply bus routes.
It is noteworthy that most of the people who use diesel cars switched to electric cars due to this offer by the government of Norway. It is also worth noting that diesel is more expensive in norway while charging electric cars is much cheaper. norway is self-sufficient in electricity generation, so charging is very low.In this situation, 75% of the electric cars used in norway were tesla cars.
There is an important reason for that. Since norway is a very cold country, heaters are a must for cars there. While the cars of other companies did not have a heater, tesla cars were very comfortable for the people. Also, some companies' cars had problems like stopping midway due to weak battery and suddenly slowing down. But tesla cars are the first choice of people because no such problem has occurred in tesla cars.

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