TDP: Is Babu's work done? Lokesh to take the baton?

Nara lokesh, the son of tdp leader Chandrababu Naidu, would have become cm by now if luck had come together.. In 2017 i.e. at the age of 34, he had also seen key ministries.. Especially lokesh worked in panchayat raj and rural development departments at a very young age. If the tdp had come to power in 2019, there would have been a proposal for Nara lokesh as the cm candidate, but that did not happen. This time the election has become a deadline for the tdp party.

This time, if tdp comes to power, lokesh will definitely be given the responsibility.. If tdp comes to power in the elections, it seems that lokesh is planning to prove himself as a capable minister in the Chief Ministership. It seems that tdp party is planning to declare lokesh as the cm candidate by 2029. It is also reported that there is a discussion going on in tdp circles. But senior leaders are already saying that it is too early to hand over the reins of the party to Lokesh.

Lately, lokesh is connecting with the people better than before. But he is not able to take the right decisions like jagan and he is not able to get good craze. At present Babu's age is also past seven and a half and it is said that he already has health problems. On the whole, many leaders of tdp are longing to give lokesh the highest post. It can also be said that lokesh is playing a key role in tdp party and it remains to be seen whether lokesh will become the cm at such a time.

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