BJP's anti-people laws.. People won't forgive Palanichami who approved - DMK is booming!

Sekar Chandra
BJP's anti-people laws.. people won't forgive Palanichami who approved - DMK is booming!

DMK Slams EPS : The DMK has issued a statement saying that the people will not forgive Palaniswami for approving numerous anti-people laws of the bjp government like the citizenship amendment act and the new Agriculture Act.

The Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam, which has issued a report on this matter, said, "Edappadi Palaniswami was in charge of the chief minister of tamil Nadu for about four years. He was of no use to the people of tamil Nadu or the tamil language. He should not have done any harm to him, right? He did many".

"Without the background of any political party, people gathered and fought against the Tuticorin Sterlite factory spontaneously for months. The people living in the area were suffering from deadly diseases like cancer due to the Sterlite factory".

"The affected people gathered and fought to shut down the Sterlite factory and the police of Palanichami fired on those people and killed 13 people. They shot a woman in the mouth. A father was shot dead in front of his son."

"People were shocked when they saw all these scenes, but when journalists asked the then chief minister Palaniswami about these atrocities, he calmly said that he also came to know by watching on television. Is it fair for a chief minister to say this?"

"It is significant that the Commission headed by retired Justice Aruna, which probed the flag shooting, exposed Palaniswami's falsehood by claiming that he already knew about the incident."

"In Pollachi, members of AIADMK, the ruling party of that day, threatened and raped more than 200 women and subjected them to atrocities. Women's associations fought for this, and Palaniswami, the victimized women said, defended the criminals".Palaniswami allowed the NEET exam

"Palaniswami is responsible for the brutality in which more than 20 youths and women committed suicide from ariyalur Anita. He is the one who allowed the NEET exam in tamil Nadu. The NEET exam was not allowed in tamil Nadu until jayalalithaa was there. But it was Palaniswami who allowed the NEET exam in tamil Nadu".It was Palaniswami who approved the Udai Power project

Tamil Nadu has not benefited from the uday Power Project. States should purchase electricity produced by the private sector. Private power companies sell electricity to states and earn profits by repaying bank loans. tamil Nadu did not accept this plan during Jayalalitha's tenure. Palaniswami took up the uday Power project with his demise. Due to this, DMK has made many accusations that the tamil Nadu government has accepted the debt of 40,000 crores of power board and its financial burden has fallen on the tamil Nadu government.

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