Vikramaditya-'I would like to request you that...'?

Sekar Chandra
Vikramaditya-'I would like to request you that...'?

Himachal Pradesh government minister and congress leader vikramaditya Singh on thursday (April 11) hit back at bjp candidate kangana ranaut from Mandi. He sarcastically said, "Today bjp candidate from Mandi kangana ranaut was in manali and the language she used in the program for us, for the congress party, and Himachal Pradesh. Especially for us, for the congress Party, for Himachal Pradesh. For that, I pay my respects to him."

Congress leader vikramaditya Singh said, "To date, such language has never been used on a sacred land like Himachal." Well, I want to say that instead of using such language on the manali platform she was on, she should have talked about the issues of Manali."

Vikramaditya Singh's taunt on Kangana

Vikramaditya Singh, son of Pratibha Singh and minister in himachal pradesh government, while advising kangana ranaut, further said, "You remember that just a few months ago, the biggest disaster of the century came in Manali, Mandi. You say that my house is inside Manali. I am a manali resident. Did you go to manali even for a day during the disaster? We are there in times of disaster, whether your potatoes are ground or not. Got the bridge restored. We went to delhi and met the Union Ministers. He said that we brought Union minister Nitin Gadkari ji to Himachal. Brought him to manali and informed him about the situation at Ground Zero. The chief minister informed him about the situation in the state. Therefore, it would be good if you talk about these facts.

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