DMK does not always oppose good plans: Kanimozhi!

DMK mp says DMK does not always oppose good plans kanimozhi said

Prime minister Modi has toured tamil Nadu yesterday and today. prime minister Modi participated in the Brahmin public meeting held yesterday at Palladam in Tirupur district following the completion of my soil and my people's pilgrimage. Later, he came to madurai and visited Swami at the Meenakshi Amman Temple. Subsequently, he stayed at the star hotel in Madurai. With the arrival of prime minister Modi, security has been strengthened throughout Madurai. All the shops around the hotel he were staying were ordered to be closed. As a result, shopkeepers have expressed regret that their livelihood has been affected.

Prime minister Modi, who left madurai this morning, went to the Tuticorin WuC Harbor Complex by helicopter. At the government function, the prime minister inaugurated the project worth Rs 17,300 crore. In particular, he laid the foundation stone for the Kulasekaranpattinam rocket launch. Later, he went to Paddy and ended the meeting and went to Thiruvananthapuram. From there, he will be on a flight to Maharashtra.

Earlier, prime minister Modi, speaking at a government function in Thoothukudi, said that the DMK mp on stage He was severely criticized by the DMK while keeping it. prime minister Modi said that all the demands during the previous congress regime are being met and that they have come to be a servant of these development projects.

“Today, the rulers of tamil Nadu are in Delhi. When they were in power, they did nothing for tamil Nadu. DMK did nothing for tamil Nadu when he was in power. ” prime minister Modi accused.

“What I am talking about here is not the ideology or personal theory of a political party. What I am addressing here is the theory of development and development of tamil Nadu. The government of tamil Nadu does not publish my theory of development.

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