Wartime action to control dengue fever: EPS insists!?

Opposition leader Edappadi Palaniswami has urged the tamil Nadu government to take wartime measures to control dengue fever. leader of the Opposition Edappadi Palaniswami has insisted that fever camps should be conducted in large numbers throughout tamil Nadu, and poisonous fevers like dengue, flu and typhoid should be diagnosed and the affected people should be given immediate medical assistance.

In the statement he issued, he said: "Noting that the incidence of dengue fever is increasing throughout tamil Nadu, more than five thousand people have been affected in about two months, and there have been a few casualties, the DMK government and the health department should wake up and conduct fever camps and awareness camps throughout tamil Nadu like they did during the AIADMK rule. Through my reports and interviews published on 30.7.2023 and 29.9.2023, I had urged the DMK government to take precautionary measures to detect diseases and control them. After running camps, he went on to run marathons.

Yesterday (Nov. 26), 4 people including 1 year old child and 2 boys in madurai Corporation area; There are reports that 13 people including 5 children have been infected with dengue in the suburbs and the public is scared due to the increasing spread of dengue fever in madurai district. Similarly, yesterday, 67 people in madurai were admitted to hospital for treatment due to common fever; that common fever is increasing throughout the district; In the past 30 days, more than a thousand people have been affected by common flu, according to news reports.

Similarly, in Pudukottai, 59 new people have been admitted to the hospital due to fever in a couple of days, and so far 229 people have been admitted to the Pudukottai government Medical college Hospital and some are already being treated for dengue fever. As the leader of the opposition, while pointing out the woes in tamil Nadu, it is the duty of the concerned minister and the DMK government to understand the facts and immediately implement measures related to the welfare of the people of tamil Nadu.

However, the chief minister and Ministers of this DMK government, who took office through the back door by making unfulfillable promises, are, as always, advertising the projects that were implemented in the AIADMK government led by me. For example, to reduce traffic congestion on the road near Central Kailash in Chennai, in 2019 under my leadership, the foundation stone was laid for the construction of 2 'U' shaped bridges at an estimated cost of 110 crore rupees and it was planned to be put to public use in 2 years. The work was delayed due to the corona virus. But 30 months after this government took office, only one of the two bridges was opened last week and the sticker is stuck that it was done under their rule. Commuters in the area are anxiously awaiting when the other one will be completed and put into use. I will mention the grievances of this government through my reports. Therefore, I urge this DMK government to immediately remove the deficiencies pointed out by me in the reports.

In particular, to control the spread of dengue fever mentioned in this report on a war-time basis, I urge the DMK government to immediately conduct fever camps in large numbers throughout tamil Nadu during this rainy season, identify poisonous fevers like dengue, flu, typhoid and provide immediate medical assistance to the affected people. It says so.

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