The central government has banned 18 OTT sites in India

The central government has issued an action order banning 18 OTT sites that were publishing images with obscene scenes.

OTT banned in India

The growth of OTT platforms has peaked in a short span of time. Especially during the Corona lockdown, these OTT platforms gave comfort to the people who were stuck at home. Later on, movies were also released directly on OTT platforms. On the one hand, the development of OTT was surprising, but on the other, it was full of danger.

Anurag Thakur

Due to the lack of censorship on OTT sites, they used to upload images with extreme pornographic content. Some people went a step further and were making money by uploading pornographic images. To prevent this, a new regulation was introduced that OTD sites will also be given a censor certificate. After that, more and more pornographic films were released on OTD sites.

Banned OTT platforms list

Due to this, the central government has taken action and has banned 18 OTT platforms. Apart from that, 19 websites, 10 apps and 57 social media accounts belonging to those 18 OTT sites have also been blocked. Despite repeated warnings by Union Information and Broadcasting minister Anurag Kashyap, action has now been taken as these OTT sites have been uploading images with extreme obscene scenes.

Minister Anurag Thakur

More than one crore downloads are said to have taken place on just one banned OTT site. Apart from that, 50 lakh people have downloaded this app from google Play Store alone. According to reports, these disabled social media pages had a total of 32 lakh followers. This action is being taken under Information technology Act 2000.

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