How is Dharmendra's condition now and how is his health?


According to sources dharmendra is a veteran actor of Bollywood. He is also called Heman of B Town and has a huge fan following. Even at the age of 88, dharmendra is working in films. Recently, the veteran actor had posted a picture of himself on social media in which he was looking very weak. However, he also deleted this post later. But his fans were very upset seeing his condition. Now information has been received that dharmendra was injured. Let us know how is the condition of the actor now?

Meanwhile according to Hindustan Times report, dharmendra was injured and was ill for the last two weeks. But thankfully he is recovering. Actually, last Friday, dharmendra had posted a picture of himself on his The condition of the veteran actor looked very bad in the pictures. After posting this, many of his fans wrote in the comments, "Sir, what happened to your leg? However, the actor later deleted this post.

Moreover according to the report, information about Dharmendra's health has been received quoting a source. The source said, "He has been ill for the last two weeks due to the changing weather, and it was visible on his data-face in the picture." The source further added, "Dharmendra had recently attended a family wedding in udaipur with his family, including Sunny and bobby Deol. During this, he got injured while dancing, and his health was adversely affected. While dancing, "His back and legs were injured. Due to fatigue and old age, his health was also affected."

According to the report, the source further said, "However, dharmendra is now better than before and he is now recovering and recovering. The actor is now completely focusing on his health."

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