The number of obese people has reached 100 crores..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
The number of obese people has reached 100 crores..!?

In the world, the number of people from all countries is getting fat, regardless of whether that country is this country or not. The number of obese people in all countries has reached 100 crores recently. If you look at the world trend, it is said that it was one way until 1990. After that, the situation has changed. It is noteworthy that after 1990, the number of obese people has increased four times in about 33 years.
This problem of obesity is increasing among children now. Along with the changing lifestyle.. food habits.. pressures of modern life.. nutritional deficiency is also said to be the cause of obesity. By 2022, the number of obese adults in the world will exceed 88 crore. It has been found that this chubby batch is more common in pre-teenage children. More than 16 crores are found to be suffering from obesity even among teenagers.  American men ranked 10th and women ranked 36th on the list of obese people. Unhealthy eating habits in America, which is the largest in the world, are the main reason for this obesity problem. A 50 percent reduction in the number of underweight Paduthun Navaris has been recorded.
It is estimated that the number of obese people in india is more than 8 crore. The World health Organization says that obesity, which was once seen in adults, is now increasing in children as well. It is said that there is a need to recognize the issue of weight gain at an early age. It is said that there is a need to change the lifestyle along with healthy food. More than 1500 researchers participated in the latest study. This report was prepared by collecting the height, weight, and physical measurements of more than 22 crore people over the age of five from more than 190 countries around the world. 50 crore men are obese, 38 crore women. By 2023, 88 crore adults will be obese. At that time, obesity among women was 13 crore, while among men it was 7 crore. That is almost reversed now. As far as india is concerned, the obesity rate has been on the rise since 1990. In 1990, only 1.2 percent of adult women were obese. Then it became 5.4 percent. At the same time, it has been found that obesity is increasing among men as well.

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