Why does the North Korean President travel by train?

Sowmiya Sriram
Why does the North Korean President travel by train?
The security features of the train used by North Korean President Kim Jong Un to travel to russia have surprised many people. The train used by North Korean President Kim Jong Un to travel to russia is said to have everything from a rocket launcher to barbecue chicken.
North Korean President who visited Russia:
North Korean President Kim Jong Un has gone to russia despite the warnings of countries including the United States. It is said that he is going to meet President Putin there and sign the arms deal. The North Korean president is said to be planning to get energy, food grain, and the most advanced weapons technology in exchange. If that happens, those countries fear, that north korea will have increased ability to strike the United States, South Korea, and Japan. In this case, Kim Jong Un traveled by train for 20 hours to russia, which is more than a thousand kilometers away, has attracted the attention of many people.
Why train travel?
Kim Jong Un is strengthening the North Korean army to challenge superpowers like the United States. That includes the air Force. However, Kim Jong Un traveled by train instead of flying to russia, a distance of 1,180 kilometers. The reason why he used that green and yellow train for long-distance travel was because of their ancestors. Both Kim Il Sung, the founder of north korea, and his son, Kim Jong Il, the father of Kim Jong Un, were said to be afraid of flying. They reportedly avoided the flight when their jet exploded during a test run. After that, they started traveling by train and it became their family habit.
Travel by day:
Kim Jong-il traveled 10 days by train to moscow to meet Putin in 2001. The current North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, is also following that family tradition. In 2019, he traveled by train for two and a half days to meet the then US President donald trump and reached Vietnam. Its speed may be slow but its security features have surprised many.

Design & Speed of Train:
Compared to London's high-speed train at 200 km/h and Japan's Shinkansen bullet trains at 320 km/h, Kim Jong Un's train is very heavy. The train can only run at a maximum speed of 59 kmph. The reason is that all the 20 boxes featured in it are built with bulletproof armor protection features. It is said that the train will not be harmed even if it is attacked with a rocket launcher. It has conference rooms, visitor rooms, and bedrooms. Satellite telephones and flat-screen televisions and charts are also installed.
Security Features:
A train will travel in front of this train of the North Korean president and a train will travel behind. In it, the advance train reserve ensures the safety of the track, while the trailing train has guards and attendants. Before the North Korean President reaches the specified place, 100 members of the security forces will go there and ensure security. electricity will be cut off at those railway stations so that no other train will run. With sufficient weapons, reports suggest that it is also capable of intercepting missiles. Soviet-made Il-76 air Force aircraft and Mi-17 helicopters are also involved in guarding the train.
Types of food:
The train also features a dedicated restaurant to prepare meals for the North Korean president during the journey. According to reports, the train will serve dishes like pork barbeque, shrimp, and expensive French wine.

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