Sonakshi Sinha WON'T Convert to Islam - No Nikkah Planned

Online rumours regarding the wedding ceremony of bollywood couple sonakshi sinha and zaheer iqbal are doing the rounds as their wedding date draws near. Online rumours are circulating regarding Sonakshi's potential conversion to islam and her potential Nikah with Zaheer. Iqbal Ratnasi, Zaheer's father, has refuted these rumours, nevertheless.
Zaheer's father made it clear that their wedding will be a "civil ceremony," devoid of any Muslim or Hindu customs, in an interview with the Free press Journal. Additionally, he declared, "She is not converting and that is for sure," confirming Sonakshi's refusal to convert to Islam. religion has no bearing whatsoever on their unity of hearts.

In expressing his faith in mankind, Zaheer's father emphasised that "we are all human beings" in the end, regardless of the names that various religions give God. He gave the couple his blessings as well.
The wedding is now being planned, and rumours have it that it won't be a minor occasion. salman khan, Aayush Sharma, Huma Qureshi, and other bollywood celebrities are anticipated to gather to rejoice and bestow blessings on Sonakshi and Zaheer on their big day. Sonakshi has also sent an invitation to her fellow actors from the upcoming movie Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar.


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