BJP Supporting Jagan? Sunitha Suspects

Even though the tdp, Janasena, and bjp are competing together in these elections, there are still questions about the saffron party's commitment to the coalition. The bjp high command and Jagan's covert friendship are being questioned by the public. Suneetha Reddy, the daughter of YS Vivekananda Reddy, has similar suspicions. She said that YS jagan and the two leaders of the bjp, amit shah and narendra Modi, had a close relationship.
When questioned if, should they win, the TDP-JSP-BJP will fairly handle Viveka's issue, Suneetha said that jagan is close friends with both Modi and Shah. At first, Suneetha thought that the bjp was still backing the ycp, but she subsequently stated that she was praying for the win of tdp in order to lessen the BJP's reliance on the YCP. She thought that these elections were highly important and expressed her hope that the tdp would win. According to her, tdp has to gain more strength so that Modi would rely on it more than ycp to win the centre.

In her unwavering pursuit of justice, YS Sunitha is honouring her father Vivekananda Reddy, who was brutally killed by their own family members. In addition to pursuing legal action, she is holding news conferences and participating in Sharmila's election campaign in an effort to unseat avinash Reddy, the main conspirator in the case.

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