Telangana - How BJP is the First Enemy for BRS now ?

BRS is preparing for another battle after being defeated in the assembly elections. The party will have a difficult struggle against the triumphant congress and the expanding bjp, which has raised its vote percentage. The party data-faces a serious threat in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections and subsequent local body elections. Political analysts believe that if the bjp continues to expand its position, the pink party may find it difficult to maintain rule till the 2028 assembly elections.
In the assembly elections, the bjp improved its vote share to 13.9% and won eight seats by fielding candidates in a maximum of 111 seats. The abrupt departure of Bandi Sanjay, who instilled energy among the cadre and led the party like a wave right before the election, added a layer of complication. Even though the state party's leadership was turned over to Kishan Reddy, the party received large votes in 58 seats, ranging from 20,000 to over one lakh (10 to 54).
The election results suggest that BRS may data-face challenges in the future unless it reacts effectively to pressure. During this election, the impact of the BJP's surge was felt not just by BRS, but also by the congress in several locations. There are roughly 28 seats in Greater Hyderabad, and the bjp effectively stopped the congress from gaining any of them. The bjp demonstrated its might by competing in over 50 constituencies in a three-way race. kcr and ktr are in for a rough ride!

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