Mrs Srija Reddy is an inspiring Wonder Woman

In this advanced world powered by technology, and in the times where swiftness and speed hold key to anything, finding real love, support, friendship and help even from our near and dear ones seems to be a daunting task. We get to read many incidents of people betraying even the closest ones with extreme ease. But here, we're going to know about a great soul, who has selflessly dedicated her life for the welfare of many.
Srija reddy has been known for her services to the society, for the welfare of the needy ones in the society. A lot of us would not have been born in the times when mother teresa lived and hence we might not know her services. But considering her great deeds, calling Srija reddy a modern-day mother teresa would be an understatement. Srija reddy hadn't just cared about her own family and her own issues, but also went the extra mile to wipe tears of numerous mothers.
Srija Reddy's life would surely inspire millions of women, and her tale needs to be taken to places. Having earned a great reputation in the IT industry, koti reddy and Srija reddy, Srija wanted to pursue a greater cause and took up the issue of autism, as their son had the congenital condition. Even as Srija was spending time, efforts and money on bringing her child back to a healthy state, she realized that there are numerous children in the world suffering from autism.
That was when she decided to study and analyze every extensively on the condition, and the spent three years and more than four crores towards studying children with the condition and Srija devoted herself as a mother in this cause. It was after her complete analysis of methods of physiotherapy and psychology used to treat autism that she launched pinnacle Blooms. 
To help young children with autism, pinnacle blooms specializes in occupational therapy, family counseling, early intervention, play and study groups, and speech and language therapy, and with these various methodologies, the organization analyses the day to day activities of kids with autism and gives the best treatment. After starting in andhra pradesh and telangana, pinnacle blooms has reached out to tamil Nadu, bengaluru, Uttar Pradesh, madhya pradesh and also overseas, to the US, UK, kuwait, and many nations. With her selfless works and services to give rebirth to numerous children, Srija reddy is a wonder woman and a mother who must be taken as a source of inspiration by women all over the world!

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