Upasana Taku a successful woman entrepreneur of Mobikwik


Kashmiri by blood and having Gujarat as alma mater, Upasana has relentlessly fought her way to the top. She worked on her marriage day, she shared home-cooked meals with the team of 5, gave up the luxurious lifestyle, patiently ignored to the gender bias and data-faced multiple challenges only to give back to her homeland. Of course, she had the entrepreneur calling from within her but also wanted it to be in the best interest of others too.

She left a promising career in the silicon valley, only to give financial access for the underserved, in her country. There was no looking back until she founded MobiKwik along with her husband in 2009.

Speaking about her company, she says, “MobiKwik was very simple and need-based. We launched MobiKwik as a recharge platform and, soon, it became the mobile wallet of every Indian. I take pride in saying that MobiKwik was the first mobile wallet of india. We are quite a bit dependant on the trivial amount for either change or paying for mobile recharges. With the invention of MobiKwik, one can easily do these payments without worrying about the actual cash. Your phone hence acts like your wallet.”

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