What is the connection between chatbots and AI...?

S Venkateshwari

What is the connection between chatbots and AI...?

Nowadays we all use different types of chatbots on the internet. Some chatbots help in customer care and some talk like humans. But did you know that many of these chatbots actually use Artificial Intelligence (AI)? A great example of this is ChatGPT. Initially, people considered it just an online chatting partner. But you will be surprised to know that ChatGPT is actually an AI-based chatbot. ChatGPT is powered by OpenAI's large language model (GPT-3). ChatGPT has been created so that it can talk like humans and help you in many ways. At first, people just chatted with it, but it soon became clear that ChatGPT could do almost anything online. It can not only talk to you, but it can also write blogs for you, help you write difficult codes and find their mistakes, and give you cooking recipes.

Google recorder

This is a tool that can listen to your conversation and record it. It actually uses AI. In fact, Google Recorder goes even further, it uses machine learning (a part of AI) to record your conversations even without the internet. It works perfectly and offline. Additionally, it also creates a searchable note so that you can easily edit that text later. google has also brought live captions in its Android and Chrome browsers. It converts any video or audio into text immediately after listening to it. All this is also possible because of AI. Currently, it works only in the english language. Then there is also Google's Live Transcribe app, which converts voice to text in real-time in more than 80 languages. It can also recognize surrounding sounds. Like ringing a fire alarm or doorbell, which is very helpful for deaf and hard-of-hearing people.

Google duplex

This is also an AI service which is really amazing. This tool can automatically book a table in the restaurant. It talks exactly like humans andunderstands and answers questions. Using Duplex, you can book movie tickets, book salon appointments and much more. However, currently, it works only in America. Apart from this, a new feature has come in Pixel phones in America - Hold For Me.   This is also an example of AI which makes our life easier. If you call a toll-free number and are put on hold, this google Assistant will handle the call on your behalf. And when the other person is ready to talk to you, google Assistant will tell you. This saves you a lot of time.

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