Popular tourist city bans e-scooters..!? Why..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Popular tourist city bans e-scooters..!? Why..!?
The city administration has banned the use of public electric scooters in Paris. To prevent environmental pollution, countries around the world are making serious efforts to replace petrol and diesel vehicles with electric vehicles. Various incentives are offered to encourage the use of electric vehicles. As a result, the use of electric vehicles is increasing. In this case, paris can be called the pioneer of electric vehicles. Because in the world, it was in paris, the capital of France, that electric scooters got a great reception for the first time. Currently, electric scooters are banned in Paris.
Public electric scooter use is high in Paris. An electric scooter is not a scooter in Namur as you might think. Instead, it is a different kind of scooter that can ride while standing. This is called a public scooter. These public scooters are parked all over the city. If people need it, they can scan it on their cell phones and use it. The fee can also be paid through the cell phone. Since 2018, public scooters have been in use in paris and there have been reports of accidents happening sporadically in the city. A 31-year-old woman died in an accident on this electric scooter a few months ago. In this case, there was a demand from the people to ban this scooter. But the company running this scooter service has explained that the number of accidents in the city is very low due to electric scooters. Thus, paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo wanted to get a solution to this problem from the people. He also decided to hold a referendum on this.
There are a total of 13.8 lakh voters in Paris. 1,03,000 of them participated in this poll. In this referendum, 91,300 people voted to ban electric scooters in Paris. Due to this, the use of public electric scooters has been banned in the city. It has been stated that there is no restriction on owning and using these scooters. In places where there is severe traffic congestion, some of these public scooters travel at speeds of over 25 km/h even on footpaths. This causes accidents. Even children below 12 years of age can legally use this scooter. Due to this, there was an allegation that more accidents were taking place. This problem started in 2019. At that time heavy fines were imposed on those who violated the rules for electric scooters. Violation of traffic rules is fined 135 Euros which is around 12 thousand rupees, 1.33 lakhs for speeding, and 3 thousand rupees for parking on the footpath. But beyond that, the paris city administration has banned public scooters due to accidents.

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