BB Telugu: Rathika fights with Shakeela again..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
BB Telugu: Rathika fights with shakeela again..!?
The second week of bigg boss 7 hosted by king nagarjuna, the power astras competition is going on in full swing. Ata sandeep has already won Power Astra and became the first contestant in the house. Now the race is on to get the second power weapon. shivaji and Shakila were eligible for the second power astra competition by winning the most astras and parts. But Rathika once again made a lot of noise in the house regarding Shakila's eligibility. She said that prince Yavar is more genuinely deserving than Shakila. Yavar got emotional when he didn't get a chance. He shed tears. He expressed his impatience saying that he could not stay in the bigg boss house and he would leave if the gates were opened.
In this sequence, there was a big fight between gautam krishna and Yavar. gautham argues that Shakila deserves it. After that, Rathika had a fight with Subhasree in the kitchen. With this, Shubhashree was quick to say that she should not try to be highlighted in the camera everywhere. Shakila also supported Shubhasree. shivaji and Shakila have already qualified in the second Power Astra competition. bigg boss allowed sandeep to directly choose the third contestant. With this sandeep said Amar's name. That's how amar stood in the Power Astra competition. That means Amar, Shivaji, and Shakila will compete for the second power astra.
All three were given an interesting task in the bigg boss Power Astra competition. Place a big ear doll in the garden area. He said that it should be decided with a big heart. With this Shivaji, Shakila, and amar shouted bigg boss many times one after the other. bigg boss said that nagarjuna will announce the winner of this competition on the weekend.

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