Ram Lalla's "special outfit"-Gold, Silver, and "Vaishno" sign...

S Venkateshwari
Ram Lalla's "special outfit"-Gold, silver, and "Vaishno" sign...

On april 17, thousands of lights and flowers were used to decorate the ram Janmabhoomi, signaling the start of the spectacular celebrations of ram Navami. But the highlight was captured by the unique attire that ram Lalla's idol wore on tuesday in honor of ram Navami. The idol of ram Lalla was dressed in a multiplicity of garments with elaborate embroidery and "Vaishno" emblems. Designer manish Tripathi, who also created ram Lalla's attire for the pran Prathistha ceremony in January, disclosed the outfit's specifics.

Tripathi disclosed that the garment is embroidered with "Vaishno" symbols and is composed of gold and silver thread. According to him, the outfit was made of pitambar, or yellow cloth, and khadi. manish Tripathi remarked in an interview with PTI, "First of all, I would want to wish everyone a happy ram Navami. ram Lalla's attire today is especially made for him. To make the ensemble, we used handloom, khadi, and "pitambar," or yellow robes. The outfit was made using symbols belonging to the 'Vaishno' cult. The outfit is made of threads made of gold and silver. 

The ram Janmabhoomi is celebrating ram Navami with great fanfare for the second time, following the grandiose pran Pratishtha festival. At ram Mandir, 56 varieties of bhog, prasad, and panjiri are being offered as part of the grand celebration of ram Navami. The primary event of the ceremony was ram Lalla's "Surya Abhishek," in which the idol's forehead was lighted with a sun beam, or "surya tilak," made possible by the ayodhya ram Mandir's distinctive architecture.

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