Religious event to celebrate PM Modi's opening of Ram temple!!!

S Venkateshwari
Religious event to celebrate PM Modi's opening of ram temple!!!

In a religious spectacle spearheaded by prime minister Narendra Modi months before he runs for an unusual third term in elections, a massive temple dedicated to the Hindu god Lord ram opened on monday on a site in india that millions believe to be his birthplace. A divisive political issue that helped propel Modi's Hindu nationalist bharatiya janata party (BJP) to fame and power is the construction of the temple, a 35-year-old party fundamental promise. Following centuries of oppression by Muslim and colonial powers, Hindu organizations are depicting the inauguration ceremony in the northern city of ayodhya as the pinnacle of the Hindu awakening. It's also perceived as the official start of the very religious leader Modi's reelection campaign for the general elections that are scheduled for May.

Actress and musician Mary Millben, of African American descent, comments on the ram temple's "Pran Pratishtha" celebration, saying that it "almost feels like second Diwali." On january 22, I will celebrate Diwali. Although I will not be physically there in india for the ceremony, I will undoubtedly be celebrating nonetheless. The most exquisite aspect of this ritual is that it's a chance for everyone to join together in celebration—that's the beauty of faith."

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