Ajay Devgn gets in angry mode in this complex love story!!!

Ajay Devgn gets in angry mode in this complex love story!!!

The trailer of ajay devgn and Tabu’s Auron Mein Kahan Dum Tha is out, and gives a peek into a complex love story with hints of action and mystery, woven with strings of music. On Thursday, the makers launched the trailer at an event in mumbai in presence of the film’s cast and composer MM Keeravani. The film is written and directed by filmmaker Neeraj Pandey.

Musical love story

The trailer establishes that the film is a musical love story which comes with a dash of nostalgia from the 1990s era. It gets its thrill factor from the twists and turns. It opens with a shot of a couple, showing krishna and Basu madly in love, overlooking a sunset. Cut to the present, one sees krishna in prison, accused of murder. The three-minute-long trailer then goes on to show ajay in prison in action mode, and beating up his jail mates.

The decades-jumping trailer shows actor Shantanu Maheshwari essaying the role of a young ajay romancing the younger version of Tabu. It gives hints of a murder, which forces them to part ways. Saiee Manjrekar is younger tabu in the film. The twist comes when krishna is finally released, and he meets his long-time love Basu and tells her, “Tumhare har sawal ka kam se kam paanch jawab hain mere paas” (I have at least five answers to each of your questions). To this, Basu responds, “Mai yaad aati thi kabhi tumhe?” (Did you ever remember me?).

The trailer also introduces jimmy Sheirgill, who is Tabu’s husband. He meets krishna and sarcastically asks him, “Tum ho Krishna, bohot suna tha tumhare bare” (So you are Krishna, I’ve heard a lot about you). The trailer takes one on an emotional roller coaster ride, captivating one’s attention till th

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