CM Mohan rejected Congress' demand...

CM Mohan rejected Congress' demand...

A sensational incident came to light from Sagar district of Madhya Pradesh. A woman who was taking her uncle's body home in an ambulance allegedly jumped from the moving vehicle and died. The uncle was also murdered. It is alleged that some people pressured him to fill a resignation, but when he did not agree, the accused together killed him.

Now a big statement of madhya pradesh Chief minister Dr. Mohan Yadav has come to the fore in this case. In the accident that took place in Sagar on Tuesday, cm Mohan said that this incident was nothing but the result of mutual enmity. He said that he would go to Barodia Nonagir village to meet the family of the victims. However, he rejected the demand for a cbi inquiry being raised by the Congress, saying that it is the work of the opposition to raise such a demand.

I sympathize with the victim's family - cm Mohan Yadav

CM Mohan Yadav said, 'I am going to Sagar-Khurai and I hope that if god wishes, everything will be fine in that village. This was the result of an enmity. I sympathize with them.' When asked about the Sagar incident, cm Yadav said, "We have instructed the administration to ensure that such things do not happen again and people live in harmony.'' For information, let us tell you that the woman's brother Nitin Ahirwar alias Lalu was beaten to death by some people. Nitin was being pressured to compromise in a harassment case that took place last August. After this, Anjana's uncle was also allegedly murdered. Last Sunday, when the woman was taking her uncle's body in an ambulance, she jumped from the vehicle and died.

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