Heavy solar storm hit the earth.. Aurora halo seen in Ladakh.

Heavy solar storm hit the earth.. Aurora halo seen in Ladakh.

Aurora seen over Hanle in Ladakh as severe solar storm hits Earth. A related video is going viral on the internet.

As the solar storm hit the earth on the 10th, a natural light phenomenon known as aurora was seen in the sky at night. That night the sky was filled with vibrant colors. Although aurora can be seen in many parts of the world, this phenomenon was also seen in Ladakh.

One such place was the village of Hanle, high in the remote cold desert of Ladakh at an altitude of almost 15000 feet (4500 m). Honle is where the indian Astronomical survey is located. Also known as the giant telescope, it is one of the tallest telescopes in the world.

While many pictures of the aurora captured by astronomers in Hanle have gone viral, here is one that is unique. Not only will you see the auroral curve, which is different from regular auroras that show different colors in changing patterns, but one that shows a constant color. will be constant. A video related to this is currently going viral on the internet.

An aurora is a rare atmospheric phenomenon that appears as a band of red light in the sky. Unlike traditional auroras that display different colors in dynamic patterns, auroral arcs have a fixed color. These arcs are a unique phenomenon seen during powerful geomagnetic storms.

An aurora is a natural light display that occurs in Earth's sky, primarily visible in high-latitude regions around the Arctic and Antarctic. It is noted that this is caused by disturbances in the magnetosphere induced by the solar wind.

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