Shivraj Singh Chauhan's son Kunal got engaged...

Shivraj Singh Chauhan's son Kunal got engaged...

The echo of Shehnai will soon be heard in the house of former chief minister (maternal uncle) of madhya pradesh Shivraj Singh Chauhan. Younger son Kunal Chauhan has got engaged, whose pictures are going viral on social media. This engagement ceremony was organized in a simple ceremony in a temple. In the viral pictures, Kunal Chauhan is seen with his future wife Riddhi along with Shivraj Singh Chauhan, wife Sadhna Singh Chauhan, elder son kartikeya Singh Chauhan. Kunal Chauhan, son of Shivraj Singh Chauhan, has a relationship with Riddhi Jain, granddaughter of Bhopal's famous doctor Indramal Jain. Riddhi's father's name is sandeep Jain. Kunal and Riddhi have studied together. After the engagement pictures of Kunal Chauhan, son of former cm Shivraj Singh Chauhan, went viral on social media, there was a flood of congratulations.

Riddhi's residence behind Kunal's house

It is being told that the house of Shivraj Singh Chauhan's future daughter-in-law is located in Nishat Colony, behind Shivraj Singh Chauhan's bungalow 74, government Residential B-8. During the engagement ceremony, family members from the girl's side, father Shivraj Singh Chauhan, mother Sadhna Singh Chauhan, brother kartikeya Singh Chauhan and others from Kunal's side were present.

Riddhi's family belongs to Iran

It is being told that Riddhi's grandfather Indarmal Jain was the royal doctor of Shah Reza Pahlavi of Iran. This family has lived in iran for a long time. raja Shah Pahlavi of iran was the first king of the Pahlavi dynasty. He ruled iran from 1925 to 1941.

Kunal runs a dairy

Let us tell you that in Shivraj Singh Chauhan family, elder son kartikeya Singh Chauhan may be active in politics, but younger son Kunal Chauhan stays away from politics. He runs a dairy company. In this company, along with milk, ghee, lassi, cheese, curd and water are sold.

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