YCP has the potential to increase its strength in rural areas..!?

Sowmiya Sriram

YCP has the potential to increase its strength in rural areas..!?

People in ap are eagerly waiting for the election results. But it still has 12 days to go. Yes, the final election results will be out on june 4. In a way, it should be said that this timethe Andhra elections have become a good affair with the glory of the Jana Sena. At a time when jagan was not yet ready, Janasena's pawan kalyan announced his support for tdp and curbed Jagan's anger. You don't know how the election campaigns were conducted this time. Everyone knows that jagan has done a lot for the people of Andhra as part of his campaign. Initially, jagan used to remind the people about the welfare schemes and later told the people that he had developed them. What did he do during his rule for almost an hour in every election meeting he attended? That is what has been talked about the most. According to their calculations, ycp has spent 4 lakh crores of rupees under the program of direct cash transfer in the beneficiary's account. Today, english medium studies and giving tabs to school students can imagine how much has been spent on school development.

But all this is fair to say. However, analysts say that the real thing is that the road and irrigation projects are directly visible to the people. Yes, if Jagan's government had spent fifteen thousand crores of rupees on roads, the people would have appreciated the development that took place under his rule. Analysts say that the people used to cast votes. Besides, they say that even if another five thousand crores of rupees were spent under different types of work for the farmers, they are also visible. Even though the ycp has the potential to increase its strength in the rural areas as a whole, why did it think of investing another twenty thousand crores of rupees? That has now become a debate.

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