'Salable' MLAs wandering from door to door - CM Sukhu!!!

'Salable' MLAs wandering from door to door - cm Sukhu!!!

Chief minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu said that the public should ask the sold mla why he did not come to his home and meet the people of Sujanpur for a month after being sold. The chief minister said that the sellable MLAs were wandering from door to door because they had to take the third installment from bjp leaders in the name of toppling the government. congress candidate from Sujanpur, Captain ranjeet neither wants to set up a crusher nor become a land mafia. All he has to do is finding and solve problems. While serving in the army, the Captain has bravely data-faced enemy bullets on the data-borders of the country. He is honest and being from a poor family, he knows the pain and problems of the people.

CM Sukhu targets Rajendra Rana

The chief minister said that Rajendra Rana does not have the feeling of service in his mind, all the money for the organization in the name of which he pretends to serve, comes from Baddi and Ludhiana. The chief minister said that Rajendra Rana sold his morality. What he wanted was not respect, but a briefcase full of bjp stuff. He said that there is no threat to the Chief Minister's chair. This fight is yours, to save your vote. Between tainted and spotless. Those who are sold cannot be true servants. Dishonest people will come again and again and make false promises, but do not fall for their words. The fate and picture of Sujanpur will be changed during the three and a half year tenure of the government.

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