ELECTION:40.05% voting in Tamil Nadu.!! Chennai voters who do not want to vote - what is the reason?

ELECTION:40.05% voting in tamil Nadu.!! chennai voters who do not want to vote - what is the reason?

40.05% of votes have been recorded in tamil Nadu at 1 pm today while voting for the parliamentary elections is underway. At the same time, the voter turnout in all the 3 constituencies in chennai has decreased significantly.

 What is the reason for the low number of votes in chennai in the parliamentary elections?

What is the voting percentage?

Parliamentary elections are being held today for 102 constituencies in 21 states including tamil Nadu. Voting is going on in full swing since this morning. 6 crore 21 lakh people will vote in tamil Nadu. In that way, 68 thousand polling booths were set up in tamil Nadu. In this, 44,800 polling booths have been equipped with web cameras to monitor voting. More than one lakh policemen have been mobilized for security.In this situation, when voting started in the morning, political party leaders and movie stars performed their democratic duty one after the other. Due to this, 12.55% of votes were recorded as of 9 am polling.

After this at 11 am, 24.37% of votes were recorded. Since the beginning, voters have been voting enthusiastically in Kallakurichi and Dharmapuri constituencies. Meanwhile, in Madhya chennai, North chennai, and South chennai constituencies in chennai, the voting percentage was very low. In this situation, 40.05% of votes were recorded across tamil Nadu as of 1 pm. The highest percentage was 44.08% in Tarhampuri and 44% in Kallakurichi. At the same time, -32.31 percent votes were recorded in Central chennai, 33.93 percent in South chennai, and 35.09 percent in North Chennai.

What is the reason for the decrease in vote percentage?

Despite the constant awareness on behalf of the election commission regarding voting, the voter turnout in chennai continues to be low. The first reason for this is said to be heatstroke. Next, most of the people in chennai are from outlying areas, and now schools have been given regular holidays and have invaded their hometowns. Due to this, it is said that the voting percentage has also decreased in Chennai. It is also reported that people are reluctant to vote

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