Purchasing of crops is more important than Election Tours - Dushyant Chautala


Reportedly after breaking ties with bjp, JJP leader and former deputy chief minister of haryana Dushyant Chautala on wednesday targeted the Naib Singh saini government on the issue of farmers. A few weeks before the lok sabha elections, bjp reshuffled the power in the state and last week removed manohar lal khattar and made saini, who comes from Other Backward Class (OBC), the chief minister of Haryana. Referring to this change, he said that we have decided that JJP will not be a part of the new government and will also not be a part of the National Democratic Alliance. Former deputy cm Dushyant Chautala further said that the procurement season has started, but the present government does not seem serious towards the farmers. Before the announcement of elections and implementation of the Model Code of Conduct, the government was neither able to compensate the farmers for the loss of their crops due to the recent rains and hailstorms nor was it able to take any decision regarding the purchase of crops.

Perhaps Dushyant Chautala said that now farmers will have to wait for 90 days (until the general election process is over) to get compensation for the loss of crops. He said that the new government could not make arrangements for procurement despite the arrival of the crop in the mandis. Even whether mustard will be procured at Minimum Support Price (MSP) or through 'Bhavantar Bharpayee Yojana', which agency will procure and how, it has not been decided.

The JJP leader said that he demanded from chief minister saini to make immediate arrangements for crop procurement in the interest of farmers. He said, “I would like Naib Singh saini to sit in chandigarh and take a decision. The purchase of crops is more important than his (election) visits to the state. If this is not done smoothly then farmers will be affected. Chautala said that when JJP was in the coalition government for the last four and a half years, farmers did not have to worry about anything. He said that the procurement of crops was done on time and about Rs 1 lakh crore was paid directly into the accounts of the farmers.

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