What is CAA law? Why many leaders have criticized this law?


As per report home minister amit shah has cornered former maharashtra CM and shiv sena (UBT) President uddhav thackeray on the issue of CAA. amit shah said, 'My request to uddhav ji is that he should first clarify whether the law (CAA) is needed or not. Can uddhav ji say that the law should not come? I appeal to him to make it clear to the people of the country and the people of maharashtra that caa should not happen. Hindu refugees and Buddhist refugees should not get citizenship.

Perhaps amit shah further said, he needs the votes of minorities, that is why today uddhav thackeray is doing appeasement politics. Our stand has been clear from day one. The refugees who have come from the divided parts of India. The minorities who have come from these three countries due to religious persecution should be given citizenship of this country.

Moreover the caa aims to simplify the process of obtaining indian citizenship for non-Muslim immigrants from Bangladesh, pakistan and Afghanistan. This law applies to all immigrants entering india on or before december 31, 2014. According to the 2019 amendment, migrants who came to india by december 31, 2014 and data-faced "religious persecution or fear of religious persecution" in their country of origin are eligible for expedited citizenship. Let us tell you, ever since the central government has brought the caa law, the opposition has been continuously attacking bjp regarding its timing. Many leaders have criticized this law.

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