Tejashwi Yadav gave offer to Chirag Paswan?


Reportedly the issue of nda seems to be stuck in Bihar. Today on wednesday (6 March) the prime minister is visiting bihar for the second time in a week. Before this, Tejashwi Yadav has sent an invitation to chirag paswan to join the grand alliance. Have alarm bells really rung for nda in Bihar? Actually, on march 2, PM narendra modi had reached aurangabad and Begusarai. During this time, all the leaders of the nda alliance including cm nitish kumar were present, but important nda allies chirag paswan and upendra Kushwaha were not present. Since then, there is a discussion in the political circles whether chirag paswan is angry and can change sides and go with the Grand Alliance?

Earlier on Tuesday, Tejashwi Yadav also sent a call to chirag paswan through gestures. Now the question arises that if chirag paswan is angry with nda, then what is the reason for it? In fact, after the return of nitish kumar to nda, the political equation of the state has changed. When Nitish was not in nda, Chirag Paswan's status was looking big. It was believed that Chirag would deal with bjp on his own terms and would contest the elections by taking the lok sabha seat on the 2019 formula only, but Nitish's entry spoiled the game. At present this is not the only thing. Let us tell you that even after Nitish joining nda, chirag paswan is not soft on Nitish. At the same time, nitish kumar has also not forgotten the defeat in the assembly elections in 2020 due to Chirag.

In fact, in the 2020 assembly elections, because of Chirag, JDU, which was the number one party in bihar, became the number three party. The result of this resentment was that Chirag Paswan's party broke up just a few days after the assembly elections.

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