'BJP will demolish 30 MLAs of JDU', RJD reveals on the change...

The opposition camp in bihar has once again suffered a setback. Two congress MLAs murari Prasad gautam and siddharth Saurabh and RJD mla Sangeeta Kumari have joined BJP. It is also suspected that many more congress MLAs are in contact with bjp leaders. RJD mla Mukesh roshan gave a strong reaction on this on Wednesday. He said that bjp is trying to become the largest party in Bihar. Will form its own government. Will remove Nitish from the CM's chair. bjp will also defeat about 30 JDU MLAs. bjp will make its chief minister in Bihar.

'Membership of Grand Alliance MLAs will go away'

Mukesh roshan said that the 6 MLAs of the Grand Alliance have changed sides so far. His membership will be cancelled. We will demand action. At the same time, Left party and congress MLAs are protesting in the assembly premises. bjp is being called the killer of democracy. They are alleging that bjp is breaking the Grand Alliance MLAs on the basis of money by showing fear of investigating agencies. All the Grand Alliance MLAs who changed sides will lose their membership. We will demand from the speaker.

Earlier also three MLAs had changed sides

Let us tell you that three MLAs of the Grand Alliance had changed sides on Tuesday. Two congress MLAs and one RJD mla joined the nda camp. It is noteworthy that on february 12 also, three RJD MLAs had switched sides and joined BJP. However, no official notification has been issued yet by the assembly Secretariat. In such a situation, there will be no difference in the number of MLAs officially.

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