Why Aam Aadmi Party accused BJP led Centre?

According to sources it was reported that from delhi the aam aadmi party on thursday accused the BJP-led Centre of scuttling the delhi government’s plans of showcasing its health and education models at the Republic Day parade by rejecting its tableau in a political move. Addressing a press conference, the party’s chief national spokesperson priyanka Kakkar said the government was not provided any reason for the exclusion.

Reportedly “This decision is driven by politics. Meanwhile the delhi government wanted to showcase its education and health model at the Republic Day parade. But delhi and punjab tableaux were excluded from selection,” she had alleged. Kakkar also claimed that the tableaux of BJP-governed states like Assam, Gujarat, and Uttar Pradesh have been given opportunities to showcase their tableaux continuously for the last five years.

Moreover it was reported that punjab Chief minister Bhagwant Mann on wednesday slammed the bjp for not including the state’s tableau in the Republic Day parade, calling it a step towards removing the word punjab from the national anthem. “If they have their way they will take out the word ’Punjab’ from the national anthem,” he told reporters here.

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