Did Nitish Kumar accepted Tejashwi’s agenda?

Reportedly during the Bhim Sansad on behalf of JDU held in the capital Patna, cm nitish kumar had targeted the RJD

government through gestures. RJD has expressed objection regarding this. RJD leader Shivanand Tiwari is

unhappy with this statement of CM. He said that every leader feels that everything got done when he came to

power. These days, Nitish keeps raising questions on Lalu Rabri’s rule. When Lalu became cm in 1990, he

worked to change the society. Before 90, he used to salute backward, extremely backward, Dalit and upper

caste people. Did not go to vote in elections.

Nitish should focus on employment in Bihar- Shivanand

Shivanand Tiwari said that after Lalu Yadav became cm, Dalits, backward and extremely backward people got

strength. He was elevated. Lalu Yadav built Dalit Bhavan in Patna. Dom Toli settled in Patna. At that time the

upper castes had opposed it. Lalu had done a lot of work that is why nitish kumar became CM. Nitish got a

chance to move forward. Nitish should focus on employment in Bihar. bihar has become a supplier of

labourers. workers from bihar go to work in every state. The migration that is taking place due to jobs. This

needs to be stopped.

Nitish also accepted Tejashwi’s agenda

The RJD leader said that nitish kumar had contested the 2020 bihar assembly elections while being in the

NDA. The grand alliance fought under the leadership of Tejashwi. Tejashwi had said that if we come to

government, we will provide 10 lakh jobs. When the Grand Alliance government was formed in bihar last year,

Tejashwi started fulfilling his promise. Nitish also accepted Tejashwi's agenda. Nitish said that I will also

provide 10 lakh jobs separately.

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