Ugly political face of Congress: Telangana CM's daughter..!?

Telangana Chief Minister's daughter kavitha has criticized the ugly political data-face of the congress party in the Ritu Bandhu project issue. telangana Chief Minister's daughter Kavitha, PRS MLC who slammed the congress party for filing a complaint with the election commission seeking to stop the state government's Ritu Bandhu scheme, which provides financial assistance to agricultural beneficiaries, said the congress party's dirty politics has come out again.

Speaking about the election Commission's withdrawal of permission given to the telangana government to provide financial assistance to farmers under the Ritu Bandhu scheme, kavitha said that the scheme was not an election promise, but an ongoing one. “The tainted politics of the congress has come to the fore once again. Ritu Bandhu is delaying by not paying the amount. This is not an election promise. This is not a new scheme created for the election,” he said. In telangana, the election commission has withdrawn the permission given to the state government to provide financial assistance to farmers under the Ritu Bandhu scheme. After the ruling party minister issued a statement on the scheme, the election commission withdrew the permission pointing out that the rules of conduct of elections had been violated.

Kavitha accused the congress of repeatedly complaining about the scheme, which the PRS government has provided Rs 72,000 crore to benefit 65 lakh farmers in the last 10 seasons. He also asked the farmers to realize that the congress is the enemy which took away the farm loan waiver, Ritu Bandhu scheme funding etc.

In 2018, telangana state PRS government launched the Agricultural Investment Support Scheme (Rythu Bandhu), a cash transfer scheme for farmers. Ritu Bandhu means farmer's friend. The objective of the scheme is to provide timely cash subsidy for the initial investment needs of farmers and to ensure that farmers do not fall into debt trap. Under this scheme, Rs.5,000 each for each season and Rs.10,000 is given to the farmers annually.

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