Rohit Saraf Says He Prefers Love Over Arranged Marriage !!!


Rohit Saraf Says He Prefers love Over Arranged marriage, Envisions Marrying At 31-32

'Ishq Vishk Rebound' actor Rohit Saraf recently appeared in a podcast where he shared his “ideal” age to get married.

Rohit Saraf has risen to stardom in india thanks to his roles in the critically acclaimed web series 'Mismatched'.His admirers are curious about his romantic life and his intentions to get married. In a candid podcast with Bharti Singh and Haarsh Limbachiya, actor Rohit Saraf discussed his thoughts on marriage, making it clear that he favors love marriages over arranged ones. The actor also shared his “ideal” age to get married

Rohit Saraf was asked when he plans to tie the knot, and he said, “Dekho, main abhi 27 saal ka hu aur abhi life mein I am nowhere where I want to be. Bhot kaam karna hai mujhe. I want to do a lot more ( See, I am 27 years old now. I have to work a lot).”

Rohit Saraf On Ideal marriage Age

Rohit mentions that he is thinking about getting married when he is 31 or 32 years old. But seeing so many weddings around him has left him unsure about it. “In an ideal scenario, I would get married at 31 or 32. That is my ideal case scenario, but then I see so many marriages around me and I feel like I am not entirely sure that I should make it for this,” he said.

He added, “I mean I feel that right now I am not sure that I want love, I know this much. I want companionship in my life, but I don't know whether I want marriage or not.”

Additionally, Rohit Saraf stresses his opinion that a person should leave an unhealthy relationship since it causes them to be miserable and resentful towards himself and others. 

He said, “I strongly believe that if something is not working out, you should not be in it because then you will only be miserable and you will resent people around you and you will resent your conditions. I see people around me andI see relationship breaks and mujhe use thoda darr lagta hai.”

When asked whether he would be open to an arranged marriage, Rohit immediately refused and said, “I will not be able to do an arranged marriage. It is very important for me that you get to know the person.”

Rohit Saraf’s Newly Released Film 'Ishq Vishk Rebound'

Rohit Saraf's latest film 'Ishq Vishk Rebound' hit the theatres today (June 21). The film also features Jibraan Khan and Pashmina Roshan. The young adult drama follows the love stories of four friends and is said to be a sequel to the 2003 film 'Ishq Vishq' (starring shahid Kapoor, amrita Rao, and Shehnaz Treasury).

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